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Ann Schockett, president of National Federation of Republican Women, and Carol Greenwald, JewsChooseTrump, in NFRW headquarters in Alexandria, VA

We discussed working together for the re-election of President Trump.

Anne's message to the NFRW:

You and I commit ourselves to public service because we treasure our country and believe in our Party’s platform. We do what we do for family, friends and fellow Americans we do not even know. It is evident that the safety and future of our country is at stake from outside and domestic influences. From attacks on our soil to threatening the Constitution to the rise of bigotry and the intolerance against Christians and Jews to assaults because of faith and political principle to putting into jeopardy the sanctity of life, our Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is at risk unless we stand united and work together. And, we will! 

With deepest appreciation and admiration, thank you for your outstanding dedication. Now, our hardest work is about to begin. Your leadership in our communities, states and nation will continue to ensure significant achievements! 


Jews Choose Trump Names Phyllis Zemble Eastern PA Director

By Jesse Bernstein -January 13, 2020

Ask Phyllis Zemble, the new Eastern Pennsylvania director of the national Jews Choose Trump organization, why she supports President Donald Trump, and she’ll rattle off a litany of offenses by former President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

The mother of five and grandmother of 13, who is one of just 10 JCT regional directors, cites the Iran deal first and foremost, but has plenty of other gripes with the Democrats.

“Gradually, the traditional values of family, education and hard work were being replaced with single-parent homes, anti-Semitism on college campuses, an increase in city crime and a lower threshold for government welfare,” Zemble said of the Obama presidency. She also noted that one of Obama’s first phone calls to another head of state after his inauguration was to Mahmoud Abbas.

“You know where (Obama’s) allegiance lies, and it was not with Israel,” she said.

Zemble switched parties to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election, and will help lead an effort to convince Eastern Pennsylvania voters — Jews and non-Jews alike — to vote Republican this fall.

“By putting my name out there, and showing that I support Donald Trump, maybe I’ll influence a few people to not be afraid to admit their support for Donald Trump,” Zemble said.

She’s aware that he remains largely unpopular with Jewish voters but she’s thankful for the president’s Israel policy, and appreciates his demeanor as well.

The president “speaks with what he’s thinking at the moment. He’s not a trained politician, with advisers in his ear. He says what he feels at the time, and I respect that,” Zemble said.

Zemble, who once served as a Lower Merion Township commissioner, was approached about taking the position by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, a well-known local Israel activist who has been vocal about her support for Trump. Marcus helped found JCT with Carol Greenwald and Richard Allen in July 2016. The three of them now make up the executive committee.

 As Greenwald notes, the organization is not a PAC, nor a 501(c)(3), and does not accept donations of any sort; it is, as she puts it, “nothing but free speech.”

Indeed, the JCT website, in addition to making the case for Trump’s benefit to American Jews and Israel, largely consists of blog posts by Greenwald or op-eds from, in addition to photos of Zemble and other JCT members wearing JCT apparel while posing with right-wing media figures.

Greenwald, like Zemble, was a registered Democrat for many years. The former Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks was known as a crusading reformer — The New York Times called her a “maverick bank official” in a 1981 headline. She even wrote a book with an introduction by Ralph Nader (“Banks Are Dangerous to Your Wealth”). But she’s always been deeply committed to Israel and, after 9/11, her politics took a turn. Now, she’s committed to the reelection of Trump, who she believes will win.

“It is our opinion that the record cannot be left to stand that there was no part of the Jewish community that was not enthusiastic and grateful for everything this president has done for the Jews,” Greenwald said. She worries that if the Jewish community does not show gratitude to the president, he’ll adopt the attitude of former Republican official James Baker, who served under presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush: “F— ’em, they don’t vote for me anyway.”

“History will treat the Jewish leadership very harshly for their allegiance to a Democratic Party that has abandoned them,” she said.

Zemble’s position with JCT will consist of lobbying local organizations to have her or someone from the board speak to their members about the accomplishments of the Trump administration. For Zemble, it’s a chance to be involved in something she believes in.

“If you see something that’s wrong, you have to correct it,” she said.


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Carol Greenwald Gives Talk at Limmud UK 2019

.Limmud UK is the largest annual gathering of British Jews in the UK., with over 3000 participants. Carol Greenwald, executive committee member of JCT, was invited to give three talks on "Why Trump is the Best President for American Jews in the History of the US", Why Trump  is not only a Great Choice for All Americans, but the Only Choice" and "Who are the Democrats?". She also participated on a panel debating with Never Trumpers.


At White House Hanukkah Party 2019


Executive Committee  members Eve Steiglitz  and Carol Greenwald with Mort Klein, president of ZOA, and columnist Karin McQuillan 

At White House Hanukkah Party 2019


Carol Greenwald, executive committee member, proudly wearing JCT tee shirt at White House

Site Content

At RJC breakfast in Philadelphia


Phyllis Zemble, Pennsylvania Regional Director, proudly wearing the JCT tee shirt and button

With Diamond and Silk


North Carolina Regional Director Sloane Rachmuth's son wearing the JCT tee shirt at an event with Diamond and Silk

Proudly Wearing the JCT Tee Shirt

Michigan JCT Director


The JCT  Michigan director, Ronna Ross, met Dennis Prager at the Michigan Region-ZOA annual banquet.

Pennsylvania JCT Director

Pennsylvania Director, Phyllis Zemble, met Dennis Prager at  a meeting in Pennsylvania

The JCT  Pennsylvania director, Phyllis Zemble, with Dennis Prager at Philadelphia area event. She gave him a JCt kippah.

Maryland JCT Director


The JCT Maryland director, Gail Weiss, with Dennis Prager at the premier opening of the movie No Safe Spaces in Washington DC

Proudly Wearing the JCT Tee Shirt


Gail Weiss, JCT's Maryland regional director, with other guests at the CAMERA event with Melanie Phillips in Maryland.

Maryland Supporters


Maryland JCT supporters at the showing of movie, NO SAFE SPACES, in Washington DC

At Restoration Weekend


Carol Greenwald with philosopher and author, Prof. Jason Hill, at Restoration Weekend in Florida

Donald Trump Jr. Sees the JCT Tee Shirt


Don Jr. was signing books at Restoration Weekend and Greenwald was there in the JCT tee shirt

With Tammy Bruce


Wearing the JCT tee shirt with Tammy Bruce, radio host, author and Fox News contributor. Gave her a tee shirt.

With a JCT Supporter proudly wearing JCT Tee Shirts


Brian Grodman of New Hampshire, with Carol Greenwald at Restoration Weekend in Florida, proudly wearing the JCZT tee shirts

Proudly Wearing the JewsChooseTrump Tee Shirt

Phyllis Zemble, JCT Regional Director in PA


Gives Sebastian Gorka a JewsChooseTrump kippah

Phyllis Zemble, JCT Regional Director in PA


Gives Dennis Prager a JewsChooseTrump kippah


Sloan Rachmuth, JCt Regional Director in NC


At  JCC community event 

Regional Activities


JewsChooseTrump Regional Director at Florida Rally


Gillum rallies local Democrats while Republicans show up to support Trump

JUPITER – Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum rallied Palm Beach County Democrats on Sunday by calling for voter registration and re-engagement, while outside over 50 sign- and flag-waving Trump supporters showed their side is organized and vocal, too.

“We get to look forward to flipping Florida blue,” Gillum said to loud applause from some 200 supporters at the “Pancakes & Politics” fundraiser breakfast at Abacoa Golf Club Sunday morning. The former Tallahassee mayor vowed in March to register one million new voters in Florida in an effort to defeat President Donald Trump next year. 

Gillum called Florida a “1 percent state,” noting that the last three presidential races and the last four Democratic nominees for governor were decided by just one percent of the vote. 

Several dozen Trump supporters awaited Gillum and other Palm Beach County Democrats as they pulled into the Abaco Golf Club’s parking lot.

“We’re here to send our friend Andrew Gillum a message,” said Palm Beach County GOP chairman Michael Barnett. “To let him know that there are patriots here in Palm Beach County who support the president, who are totally against this impeachment nonsense.”

Marilyn Parmet, of, was the target of at least two detractors, who shouted their distaste for her support as they drove past.

“He’s the best thing to ever happen to American Jews and I’m very proud to be part of his campaign,” Parmet said, citing the Trump pullout of the Iran nuclear deal and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem as two campaign promises kept.

Barnett said the goal of the rally was also to target what the Florida GOP has called “vulnerable” Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, and U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, because he said they were elected in districts won by Trump in 2016.

“We will hold them accountable if this impeachment nonsense goes forward,” he said. “President Trump has committed no crime. Tell me what are the high crimes and misdemeanors that he’s committed for bringing to light Joe Biden and his son’s dealings in the Ukraine.”

Sign-waving organizer Willy Guardiola took personal offense that the Democratic club chose the tea party monthly meeting location for their fundraiser.

“We thought it was kind of rude that they’re using our place here, so we figured we’re going to have 200 of our people here,” he said as supporters drove by honking their horns cars in support.

.The above article was excerpted from an article by Abraham Mahshie, Special to the Palm Beach Post, Oct. 20, 2019